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Meeting Information

Meets at 8 p.m. on the first and third Friday at the Reformed Church of Syracuse,
1228 Teall Ave.
Contact Person

Donna M. Davis
PO Box 593
East Syracuse, NY 13057-05931

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The Syracuse Stamp Club has 70 members. Dues are $12 per year; junior member $1 per year; family plan $12 first adult, $6 second adult

Our Officers

Richard Nuhn, President | Paul Davis, Vice President
Donna M. Davis, Secretary | James Steele, Treasurer

Our History

On November 10, 1919, a group of stamp collectors organized the Syracuse Stamp Club to promote their mutual interest and enjoy good fellowship. Meetings were at the Onondaga Historical Society building and the club experienced a gradual growth. The first 20 years are somewhat hazy. Two events that stand out, however, are the club's participation in the first day ceremonies for Scott #644 (the Burgoyne/Saratoga commemorative) and the evening that famed collector Arthur Hind of Utica visited the club and showed some of his legendary collection.

The club signed on as a charter member of the Federation of Central New York Philatelic Societies in 1940, and members frequently served as Federation officers. (Syracuse and Elmira are the only founding clubs still in existence.) In 1959, three SSC members — Anton Zahm, Austin Dulin, and Fred Scholl — created a monthly Federation newsletter that later was followed by the Stamp Insider.

Old Club LogoDuring the years that followed World War II a good many of the members were specialists and some outstanding collections were passed around for inspection. Circuits were available at each meeting, but auctions were rare. A show and dinner took place annually, and these often featured noted speakers such as Herman Herst and Harry Lindquist.

About 1953, the club was invited to a joint meeting with the Syracuse Women's Stamp Club at the Goodyear–Burlingame School. At that time, the SSC was an all male organization. Our members were well fed and entertained, and the two organizations met together regularly until 1956, when the Women's Club disbanded and its members joined the SSC.

Over the next 50 years, the club engaged in all types of philatelic activities and hosted numerous exhibitions, including Exhibition '59, BICENPEX '76, and SYRAPEX, which the club has mounted biennially since 1979. In 1991, the club participated in another First Day ceremony, this one for Scott #2452, the Circus Wagon definitive in the Transportation series. Only the co-operation of our members made these ventures so successful and enjoyable.

The character of the club has changed considerably since the early days. Topical collectors are becoming more numerous, and with the vast number of new issues the old-time general collector is becoming a minority. Auctions are held more frequently and membership continues to increase.

A number of junior collectors have been added to the club and they are rapidly increasing their stamp knowledge. These young people have great potential for future leadership in our club.

The club is blessed with excellent officers and directors who give their time and best efforts to the affairs of the organization, and it continues to evolve and prosper as new ideas and new members change its character.

This club history is adapted from Howard Scarrett's History of the Syracuse Stamp Club, written in 1979 as the stuffer in a commemorative cover for the club's 60th anniversary.