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Our Mission

The aim of the Vermont Philatelic Society is to cultivate and promote the study of all aspects of philately pertinent to Vermont, and to publish that information.


Glenn A. Estus
P.O. Box 451
Westport, NY 12993-0451

Phone: 518-962-4558


Membership & Dues

A membership form may be downloaded from the VPS website. Dues are $10 per year.

Our Officers

Glenn A. Estus, President | Phillip Mollitor, Vice President
Michael McMorrow, Secretary-Treasurer
Bob Edson & Stanley Sumner, Directors

Our History

The VPS was begun in 1956 by Donald Johnstone, a professor at the University of Vermont. Dr. Johnstone is member No. 1 and still belongs to the VPS. One of the older state philatelic societies in the US, the VPS has about 130 members who mostly live in Vermont, but also has membership from other states and countries. From the beginning, the emphasis has been on Vermont postal history from the late 18th century through to the current century.

The VPS publishes a quarterly 28-page journal, The Vermont Philatelist. In addition to regular columns, the journal also includes a 50-lot auction of Vermont material in every issue and information about Vermont’s stamp clubs. The VPS also has a website: www.vermontps.org. Information about the Society can be found on the website or from Bill Lizotte, Executive Director, VPS, 250 Junction Hill Road, Jeffersonville, VT 05464-9676.

Each year one of the local Vermont stamp clubs hosts the VPS and its rotating Vermont State Stamp Show.

VPS Website