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About Us

Stamp Camp USA is a collaborative educational program for children ages 8 to 14. Campers begin by learning stamp collecting basics, including the proper care of a stamp collection and the use of cool stamp tools. Popular hands-on activities follow, with an emphasis on creative story-telling, through individual and team projects.

The camp schedule is flexible, ranging anywhere from an hour, a day to a week.

Each student receives a cool stamp notebook, with stamp album pages, mounting and information pages, and other collecting tools and supplies.

After they learn the basics, campers select a topic and then hunt for related stamps, envelopes, and postmarks in the donations. These materials become part of their personal collections, to be used in their projects, such as creative three-dimensional exhibits or four-page competitive “story” exhibits.

Throughout these activities, each camper earns Stamp Camp Cash, which they use to purchase prizes at an end-of-camp auction. Stamp Camp USA always features an open house for visitors to view the campers’ projects, and an awards ceremony for the campers.

Stamp Camp USA’s home office is located in Elkland, Pennsylvania.


Laurie A. Kring, Executive Director
Stamp Camp USA
117 Court Street, Suite A
Elkland, PA 16920

Phone: 814-258-5601

Our History

Stamp Camp USA was first introduced in 1995 in Tioga County, Pennsylvania, in the Northern Tioga School District area. The program encouraged campers to combine their artistic and creative talents with organized philately, stamp exhibiting, and open exhibit competition.

The fundamentals were developed by Knoxville, Pennsylvania, postmaste Cheryl Edgcomb with the assistance of two elementary school teachers, Suzanne Harer and Sylvia Wood.

The philatelic experience expanded from Mrs. Wood’s class project — a letter-writing campaign with her third grade class. Four years later that activity culminated in the issue of a Manatee stamp as part of the Endangered Species issue, and an opportunity for these small-town students to participate in the first day of issue ceremony at Sea World in Florida.

How is Stamp Camp USA Growing?

Stamp Camp USA was conducted the first four years in Knoxville, Pennsylvania. As interest increased and the program developed, the first out-of-area Stamp Camp was held at the United States Postal Service building in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

The results were promising and in August 2001, the first national stamp camp was held in conjunction with the National Association of Postmasters in New Orleans, Louisiana. A short time later, Elmira Stamp Club in Elmira, New York, hosted their first Stamp Camp program. Today, Stamp Camp USA is connecting with vital youth prevention programs, such as Communities That Care, clubs, and latch-key children’s programs that emphasize positive educational activities for kids.

Who is involved with Stamp Camp USA?

Stamp Camp USA operates under a collaborative program structure, that includes the United States Postal Service; The American Philatelic Society, the national nonprofit stamp collecting organization the National Association of Postmasters of the United States; and community volunteers and resources on the local level.

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