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The Stamp Insider™ is published digitally six times per year by the Federation of New York Philatelic Societies, Inc., a non-profit organization, at 1105 Union St., Schenectady, NY 12308-2805. Content ©2013 Federation of Central New York Philatelic Societies Inc.; Design ©2013 Albert  W. Starkweather / Design on Demand. Stamp Insider and the magnifying glass logo are trademarks of the Federation. Any portion of this publication may be reproduced without prior consent, provided credit is given. Written expression or opinions of the writers are their own and not necessarily those of the Stamp Insider or Federation. Some product names and images may be trademarks or registered trademarks, and are used only for identification and explanation, without intent to infringe. Every effort is taken to ensure accuracy, but validity is not guaranteed. Articles by readers are encouraged. Manuscripts cannot be returned without a large SASE. Electronic submissions are preferred.

Editorial and advertising deadlines for the two months following are February 15, April 15, June 15, August 15, October 15, and December 15.

The Stamp Insider was published monthly beginning in September 1984 and became bimonthly in September–October 1987. The journal was converted to full color in July–August 2006. It was changed to a online publication beginning in November–December 2011.

How the Nameplate Has Changed. The 400 Show logo was temporary.

The Road to the Stamp Insider

Excerpted from the June 14, 1959 minutes by Secretary Austin Dulin:

“There are advantages and obligations that go along with federation membership. These are not actually spelled out anywhere at present. There is a problem of communication between clubs in such a large federation. In an attempt to correct both these situations President Zahm and [a] delegate both suggested some sort of a newsletter. The idea was discussed and it was decided to issue a monthly news bulletin.

“Then came the problem of finding some hard working individual foolish enough to volunteer for editorship. Fred Scholl surprised me as I had always given him credit for intelligence, but he stuck his neck out. Now we have the tool — it is up to you to use it. Flood Fred with reports of your meetings, announcements of forthcoming events, questions regarding the Federation, your own particular club, or what have you. But make use of the bulletins. The success is up to your club.”

Between September 1983 and June 1984, Ronald J. Traino, the late William Kelsey, and John A. Cali came up with the Stamp Insider, which debuted in September 1984. They reviewed past Federation efforts in producing a directory and a newsletter, as well as considering the method and scope of such an undertaking. The original ideas were jotted down on a napkin while the three were at a restaurant in Auburn, New York.

Traino was Federation president from 1983–1990, while the late William K. Kelsey was vice president from 1985–1990, and John A. Cali was secretary from 1973–2007. Kelsey (1948–1996) edited early issues of the Stamp Insider, while Cali was editor until 2000. Patrick R. Rourk edited the journal for two years before Albert W. Starkweather took over in September 2003.

The Stamp Insider has come a long way in its life of more than a quarter century.

Sometimes You Get a Bad Date

By Daniel A. Piazza
Stamp Insider September–October 2007


The most powerful person at my alma mater, Wagner College, was not the president nor the chairman of the trustees nor even a distinguished professor. It was the registrar. Every year, during the spring semester, the registrar published an announcement that was akin to a papal bull; it decreed that Tuesday was Monday. Because of the plethora of Monday holidays, one Tuesday had to be sacrificed so that Monday classes could meet the minimum number of classroom hours demanded by the state Board of Regents.

I get to experience a little bit of that power when I write that, although you were expecting to receive Volume 25, Number 1 of the Stamp Insider this month, in fact you hold in your hands Volume 24, Number 7 — an atypical numbering system that will be employed for exactly one year to correct an error made long ago and far away.

The Stamp Insider's publication year does not coincide with the calendar year. Instead, it runs from September to August, rather like a fiscal year. The first issue, Volume 1, Number 1, was published in September 1984 with Bill Kelsey as editor. In those days, the Insider was a monthly, and the issues through December 1984, Volume 1, Number 4, were correctly numbered. However, Kelsey mistakenly reckoned the January 1985 edition —which should have been Volume 1, Number 5 —as Volume 2 Number 1, changing the volume number along with his wall calendar. As a result, the September 1985 issue, which should have been Volume 2 Number 1, was billed as Volume 2 Number 7.

A pseudonymous Insider editor, Linda Sivalia (in reality John A. Cali who borrowed the name of a former Fulton High School honors student), truncated Volume 3 at Number 6 (the June issue; the usual length of a volume in that era was 10 numbers because the Insider did not publish in July or August). Sivalia listed the next issue — September 1986 — as Volume 4 Number 1. This didn't really correct the problem, and from then until the July–August 2007 issue, the volume number in the masthead was a full year out of whack with reality.

So the September–October 2007 issue and the five that followed it were be numbered as Volume 24 Numbers 7–12, allowing the rightful Volume 25 to begin with the September–October 2008 issue and end with July–August 2009. Ordinarily, a full volume only consists of six issues; the Insider went bimonthly exactly 10 years ago, with the September–October 1997 issue. At first there were only five issues, with no publication for July–August. The summer issue was restored in 2004.

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