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Advertising Rates and Deadlines

Stamp Insider™ is published digitally six times per year at and is free to all readers. Before converting to a digital publication it was reaching  about more than 3,000 readers per issue, mostly throughout New York, New England, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, The online version, which offered only PDF versions, generated approximately 44,000 unique visits. With the addition of the page-turning version and the elimination of subscription rates and member organization chargebacks, readership is expected to grow rapidly.

All of our ads are in full color. You have the  option of submitting a camera-ready ad (PDF preferred) or having us build your ad at no charge with any images you wish to provide. It is perfectly acceptable to change ad content from issue to issue.

For more information, contact the advertising manager or editor.

Rate Card

Dimensions (In inches)

Per Insertion

Contract Per Year Annual Savings
Small Business Card (2 1/5 × 1) One-Year Contract Only $55.00
Super Business Card (3 × 2 1/4) One-Year Contract Only $110.00
Quarter Page (2 1/5 × 3 7/16) $28.00 $138.00 ($23.00) $30.00
Half Page (4 1⁄2 × 3 7⁄16) $42.00 $222.00 ($37.00) $30.00
Full Page (4 1⁄2 × 7 1⁄2) $57.00 $282.00 ($47.00) $60.00

Ad deadlines for the two months following are:
February 15, April 15, June 15, August 15, October 15, and December 15.